Sightseeing in and around Oudesluis

The Big Lock

Worth seeing in the Great Oudesluis Sluys with the lock keepers house. A sign on the wall indicates how much the cost to the engineering complex to sail and how the schedule was organized. The lock itself dates from 1562 when it was built of wood. The lock was replaced in 1631 by a larger stone, and was one of the largest locks in Europe. A total renovation of the lock was held in 1765.

The Baleinen Bridge

In earlier times lived in Oudesluis many fishermen who also hunted whales. The ribs are more or less the beard of a whale that his food (plankton) filters. The baleen whale is a baleen of a sieve-like structure with which he can sieve food from the water. This food consists of plankton. Bone consists of keratin and is therefore stiff but somewhat elastic.

The NH Church

In the village are two churches. The first is a Reformed church in 1861, it was originally in 1658 but had to be rebuilt several times. Thus the church in 1700 largely renewed, because the building had become too small. Within seventy years the tower was rebuilt. In 1851, collapsed after heavy storm the roof of the church. The church could no longer be used. In 1861 the church was rebuilt, but it took until 1867 before the church was really finished. In 1900 the church received a lottery after the organ that is now showing. The other church is a Baptist church in 1906 and now a private house.


Artists settled in Oudesluis and conjured the old village school into a versatile creative place. Classes they made workshops, a gallery of the gymnasium and 'stage', of course hospitable meeting places and the school a romantic sculpture. 'Old School' became 'art house', an inspiring home where everything happens, open to everyone. Where it explodes with creativity. Where the Muses meet. Where ideas are born and realized. Where guests will be feted and their hands itch.

arthouse was developed by the artists and Toscani, Cornel. Individually and together they made the name of exhibitions and installations at home and abroad. But also by assignments and activities in other areas. As styling of interiors, design of stands, designing fabrics and accessories, design gifts, decoration of rooms and giving seminars.

't Zijper Eilant

Homes in beautifully landscaped tranquil park (it Zijpe Eilant) in Oudesluis, situated between Den Helder and Schagen (North-Holland).

Polder mill P

In Zijpe and Hazeploder in Oudesluis Three of the mills Zijpe, respectively 1764, 1848 and 1896. They can be viewed up close, if you have a boat available, because there are no roads leading to it.

Mill 'The P' is an octagonal boevenkruier built in 1895. He bemaalde the 119-acre section of the P Zijpe and Haze in the Schermer polder Bosom in 1864 and has been listed as out-and inmaler. Since 1960 the Human Resources department discharges its surplus water to the adjacent compartment K. In 1974 the mill was owned by the Foundation Zijoer Mills.

The ducks cage "De Hoop"

In the spheres of the country Zijpe and Haze is the duck Polder De Hoop a remarkably large massive trees. These ducks cage, which is still in operation, is the largest for miles around.